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Towns and villages

There are seven villages in Castellon. Each is endowed with its very own unique features.

1. El Port - the village of El Port includes the town of Forcall, Morella and El Maestrazgo de San Mateo. Plaza Mayor in Forcall is one place that is notable for its architecture; it was done in the 16th century. The Asuncion church and the Escalotes Palace, which are both built in the 14th century is another great find in the town of Forcall. Morella boasts of its walled medieval town that speaks of its rich history. The 15th century church of St. Maria la Mayor Basilican is also a popular rural tourism of the town of Morella.

2. La Plana- The village of La Plana is in the coastal area of Castellon. It houses the town of Benicassim and Oropesa De Mar, which are both known for its relaxing beaches. If you want to see some exciting night scenes, these two towns are the best place to be. The town of Vilaframes is a medieval town, which is home to the Contemporary Art Musuem. Another town of this village, Borriol, which used to be a Roman town, is also a historical landmark because some prehistoric remains were actually discovered in this place. Borriol also has a good golf course.

3. Alto Maestrazgo - Another village in Castellon, the Alto Maestrazgo (L'Alt Maestrat), is known for its contribution to the economy of the province. This is where agricultural and textile industry prospers. Ares del Maestre is originally a walled city and later on was conquered by Muslims. This town is of historical significance because of the prehistoric caves discovered in the town. Wall paintings are also seen inside these caves. Villafranca del Cid, another town in the village, have historical remains dating back 13th and 14th century. Benassa is another walled city also have wall paintings found in caves. Because of such discoveries the town has been a world heritage area since 1998.

4. The Plana Baja (La Plana Baixa)- this village is located at the coast. It is where the Orange Museum and the gothic church are located in the town of Burriana. Caves are seen in the town of Vall d'Uixó. Ceramic tiles and agriculture is a booming industry in the town of Villa-Real. Several beach resorts and the natural reserve of L Estanyol can also be found in the town of Moncofar. The town of Onda, known because of its prospering tile industry, is also found to have remains of a medieval city. The town of Ribesaltes on the other hand, has a touch of Arabic history to it.

5. Bajo Maestrazgo (El Baix Maestrat)- this particular village is gifted with a beautiful coast. The towns of Alcossebre, Benicarló, Peñíscola, Vinarós are tourist hotspots because of their beautiful beach resorts. This village is also known as fishing village since the local livelihood here is fishing. The town of Vinaros is known for its fresh and mouth-watering prawns.

6. Alto Palencia - this village is located in the interior of Castellon. The town of Segorbe is particularly famous for its bull festivals and received a special status in tourism in the year 1985. This village also includes the picturesque village of Caudiel, L'Alcalaten, Alcora and Lucena del Cid.

7. Alto Mijares (L'Alt Millars) - is located at the interior of Castellion, which includes the town of Fuente la Reina Montanejos. It has several tourist spots and spa baths that are known to attract visitors to its small town.

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